Our mission

We are dedicated to providing an affordable, welcoming workspace for women and underrepresented minorities that fosters community, creativity, and collaboration. At Aparna Kreations, we believe in nurturing entrepreneurship and helping women develop the skills and confidence they need to claim their seat at the table and create their own opportunities.

Aparna Kreations Partnerships

  • Akshayya Corporation
  • InConsulting Inc
  • Kal Academy
  • Wise Life Solutions, Co.

Meet the team behind Aparna Kreations

Two real-life sisters who’ve been creating and fostering a sisterhood of support and success for women in the tech industry for more than 20 years.

  • Aparna Mahadevan

    Aparna is our financial dynamo. She has 20 years of combined industry experience —with one foot planted firmly in the technology field and the other in finance. Along with her MBA, Aparna holds 18 IT certifications (and an Editor’s Choice Award for poetry!). She’s been tireless in her efforts to help create and run Aparna Kreations, our co-working space designed for —and by — female entrepreneurs as well as InConsulting, our women-led consultancy.

  • Kal Viswanathan

    Kal is a 20+ years software industry veteran with a passion for teaching. She’s a distinguished faculty member at the University of Washington and the primary coding instructor at Kal Academy. Having hired — and fired — her share of engineers along the way, Kal knows exactly what today’s top tech companies are looking for in their employees. She brings all this expertise to Aparna Kreations along with her unwavering commitment to nurture the entrepreneurial spirit of women and to champion diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.