Activities + Events + Additional Services

At Aparna Kreations, we believe co-working also means co-helping, co-sharing, and co-caring. That’s why we love getting people together and watching the magic happen.

Lunch + Learn

Let’s have lunch! Join in as key members of the tech community share valuable expertise, war stories, and insider tips over a catered lunch break.

No-Pressure Networking

Get connected, the casual way! Aparna Kreations holds fun, low-key, ongoing events to put you in touch with the women you need to know.

Extra Hands

Need some help finishing up a business project? Or a consultant to build or fine-tune your website? Members have special access to a diverse pool of Kal Academy-trained consultants and students. Quick turnarounds no problem.

Market Your Startup — The Right Way

Upon request, members receive expert advice on everything needed to catapult your startup to success. From optimizing adwords ... to running campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn ... to generating leads ... to email marketing and more. Plus, for in-depth strategy sessions with one of Seattle’s most seasoned Chief Marketing Officers, ask us how Rent-a-CMO can help.

Work for yourself?
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